Become the Leader of Your Own Life: A Belief-Powered Approach

This keynote is presented by a husband and wife team. Steve Mundahl is President of Goodwill Industries of Pioneer Valley, MA and professor in the nonprofit graduate program at Baypath University. Sharon Massoth, LCSW, “the believe coach” is a psychotherapist of 40 years and has a private practice in CT.

They join forces to take you on an empowerment journey of becoming the authentic leader of your own life. They are coauthors of The Alchemy of Authentic Leadership(Balboa Press 2013).  Their new book on strengthening core beliefs is due out next year. They have been interviewed on NPR, Forbes, CEO Magazine, Entrepreneur, Great Leadership and featured in the Huffington Post.

What you believe is powerfully reflected in how you live your lives! Your core beliefs are your authentic source of personal power.  They support you in working through confusion and setting appropriate boundaries.  They help you to have clear unswerving purpose and take action steps toward your dreams. They are the inspiration to feel life can be fulfilling and happy, giving hope to the populations that you serve.

Using positive psychology research, you will be guided to identify your own self-sabotaging negative beliefs and inspired to replace them with potent positive beliefs. You will learn:

  • Negative beliefs are thieves that drain gas out of your energy tank. Discover your negative to positive belief ratio that show whether you have a tiger in your tank or are driving on mere fumes each day!
  • Powerful beliefs have a universal characteristic identifying your true self as joyful and loving. They inspire self-compassion and unity with all others. Learn the components of powerful beliefs and be inspired to rewrite your belief blueprint.
  • Life is user-friendly. All events, positive and negative are useful mirrors for you to see the reflection of your core beliefs. You will learn how “it is never about another person, place or thing.”

Sharon and Steve will present their “Seven Tenets of Authentic Leadership” providing personal and often humorous stories relating to their own journey living these tenets:

•           We are all connected.

•           We live best in the present moment.

•           Living in balance can work miracles in your life.

•           There are only lessons – everything is being done for our learning.

•           We live on the higher road when we live for others.

•           Living in gratitude is the key to a happy, fulfilling life.

•           Living with faith from core beliefs is what will take place in our lives.


Blending the male/female, leader/psychotherapist approach to success, this team will inform, inspire and humor us with their accumulated wisdom.