Be well – Intuition for health and happiness

July 11, 2006

by Sharon Massoth

Because life is busy and full of challenges, you must use your intuition if you
want to be successful. Yet, many people don’t trust their intuition.

As an intuitive life coach, I am often asked, “Are your intuitive abilities a
gift? Can I learn to be intuitive?” The truth: You were born intuitive, with
all the wiring in place for your “sixth” sense. Intuitive guidance flows
constantly into every person. For some it’s an “aha” moment or a strong gut
feeling, while others say it’s a little voice that speaks to them. Every
successful business person knows that intuitive ability is the added edge for
success. It can lead to creative breakthroughs or simply the ability to be in
the right place at the right time.

The challenge is to be cour ageous enough to respond to your inner guidance.
Follow your intuition even if your logical mind tells you differently. One
client followed an inner call to reach out to a long-lost relative and later
that year inherited thousands of dollars. Others heed the call to apply for a
job and find they are a perfect match for the company.

“Hurry up and do more,” is the tense fearful voice of a five- sensory attitude.
It never works. Using a sixth-sensory attitude helps you navigate with the
least amount of mistakes.

If you ignore intuition when dealing with problems you may feel stressed or
that something is not quite right. It is your body’s way of alerting you. For
example, marital problems may be known subconsciously before discussed.
Listening to their intuition has saved many of my clients’ marriages.

Signs of ignoring your intuition are about the same as depression:
irritability, the craving for alcohol/sweets to self soothe, neg lect of
exercise, chronic pain, boredom and lack of creativity.

Excessive stress can be costly; $200 billion spent annually in the United
States for stress-related help.

How do you activate your intuition and become less fearful? Utilize your
personal spiritual belief system: pray, meditate, read or visualize. Spend time
in nature. Slow down and do deep belly breathing. Cut out the talking. Listen
to classical music. Do mindless tasks – vacuum, walk, shower – which make space
for your intuitive voice.

Practice intuitive hunches: Anticipate who is calling when the phone rings.
Have fun. If you ask for a solution, you should get an answer, even if it’s not
immediate. Know that you are not alone; you have your sixth sense as well as a
responsive universe when you trust it.

Sharon Massoth, certified professional coach, offers intuitive life coaching
and psychotherapy in the Greenwich area to individuals and corporations. She
has been a motivational speaker at the Wainwright House and women’s leadership
conferences. She is a member of the Greenwich Associates for Well-Being, an
interdisciplinary group of independent practitioners collectively dedicated to
promoting the awareness of and facilitating opportunities for holistic well-
being. Contact Kimberly K. Kristoff, GAFWB founder, at

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