Matters of the Heart – Stuck in a Rut

February 16, 2010

Dear Dr. Sharon,
“I am so lonely, yet I seem to be in such a rut. I see so many divorced women like me who do the same things every week: work, children and perhaps a movie as the grand finale every week. There are so many single women, how can I believe that there is a man for me and what can I do to get out of this rut?” Sandra

Dear Sandra,

Intuitively, I feel that you are very close to meeting someone. You do a lot for others and I feel the only item left to master is to become more balanced with giving and receiving. It will make your vibration softer and more receptive. Right now your energy feels more like one of a martyr than a lively romantic woman about ready to meet her mate.

Re: your fear of whether there is a man for you. First of all, the very fact that you desire a man for the fabulous human experience of love IS the evidence that there is a man for you. When a desire comes from “God” territory, the soul, it is not a frivolous wish to be granted or not granted from an outside source. You create your life through your soul desires to have the wonderful experience of love and you signal your readiness by being full of anticipation and love for yourself.

Rev up your magnetizing power by being positive about your worth, expectant and grateful for all the fun and loving experiences awaiting you.

Take risks! Go to gatherings of interest to you …alone or with a friend but circulate. . Listen attentively to your intuition about where to go. I picture romance angels guiding me to the right spot since this is such an important mission certainly not left up to chance. Oh, and don’t forget to put the turtlenecks away. A recent t.v. show coaching singles to meet others showed how styles revealing your neck and collarbone area signals to men that you are able to be vulnerable. Keep the arms unfolded as well.

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