July 21, 2010

Recently, I came upon a prayer card from my mother’s funeral which had taken place forty-five years ago.  A quote from her was on the back:  “We are all God’s dear children. He loves us.  We must trust in that love.”  She believed in God’s love and made peace with her cancer despite the physical and emotional pain of leaving a husband and seven children ages 8 to 18.  As a teenager then, and as an adult now, I understand how “believing” in Spirit’s love for us makes life’s transitions easier.

As a psychotherapist and intuitive life coach, I listen throughout the day to concerns from my clients regarding life purpose, relationships, health and general lack of fulfillment issues. There is a feeling of disappointment that somehow their actions so far haven’t resulted in their dreams being realized. Yet, simultaneously, they express a desire to believe that joy is possible.   

We all have hindsight for valuable lessons learned from challenging and disappointing situations. We know how to make lemonade out of lemons. We have increased self love, sharpened our discernment and even forgave ourselves or others.  Yet, the questions continue: “When will my job or mate or good health appear? We hesitate to take actions of leaving jobs or relationships because we question whether giving up “some” good is better than risking having nothing at all. We don’t feel 100% confident that we have the right to disappoint others involved if we pursue our own happiness. With this “formula” for living life, our energy lessens. We feel depressed and confused about how life is supposed to work. Sometimes we even “self-medicate” to feel better through addictive highs.

Building a new formula that will activate your “Believing DNA” is essential!  This high vibration welcomes all goodness into your life. Right now is the perfect time to believe!


Here are some of my favorite ways to “Activate Your Believing DNA!”

  • Begin This Moment: “I have this moment to feel happy. My positive feelings draw to me the fun and rewarding things I enjoy.  Source’s very nature is to provide for my needs especially my soul’s passion. I allow support in this life to have great freedom to pursue my dreams.”


  • Nurture your faith no matter how small:  A simple prayer of two seconds will help you create new thoughts.  “Spirit, I place my small faith in your hands.  Help it to grow. Help me to allow the belief that I deserve assistance, that my dreams are precious. Help me release anything that is draining my abundance.”


  • Create a great relationship with yourself!   If you want a great relationship, have one with yourself first.  This was my motto through six years of being single. I wanted to meet a mate that would be “the one” therefore I knew that I needed an unconditionally loving relationship with myself. I needed to accept my human imperfections, my changing weight, and my less than perfect days. I also needed to notice my unique qualities.  I developed self-kindness, self-truth and self-justice in life situations.  Deciding against the dating sites, I simply asked spirit to match me in the perfect time and way. I even asked for the meeting to be fun and humorous!   


In February, I boarded a Southwest flight for Kansas via Nashville. I realized my queue number in the C group was the last to board. Finally, I boarded, chanting the number of my seat in order to remember it as I no longer had my boarding pass. I walked up surprised to find a man already in my seat.  When I told him that he was in MY seat, he replied that he didn’t think so! Explaining that there are no assigned seats on Southwest, he offered the seat to his side which I took. I pulled out my book, The Alchemist, and began to read.  He remarked “Good book!” and pulled his book out by the same author.  A long two hour conversation followed.  This was the start of a romantic soul-mate connection that continues to this day.

  • Live with Integrity.  A simple definition of integrity is to never say yes when your truth is to say no! Take time to listen to your truth in quiet meditation. Ask for confirmation from spirit.  Your inner guidance is trustworthy. A coaching client, “Sam” did not feel he was an “honorable man” if he left his difficult marriage of thirty years. She had no interest in counseling. In a coaching session with me, his guides (channeled through me) asked whether his beliefs had served him. He realized that he would be living in more integrity to change “until death do us part” to “until truth do us part”. He saw the growth opportunity in separate lives and came to peace with his decision.


  • Don’t Judge Self or Others!    Angels and guides working through me in sessions will say, “See yourself through our eyes.”  Judgment is not possible in the spirit world.  Spirit only views “negative” actions as simply coming from fear.  There is nothing you could ever think, say or do that would put you outside of divine love. The beauty of the earth is that we are all holding different truths that are right for us in that moment.  There is room for a million spiritual books on divorce for example, because they will all hold a different message. There are that many different perspectives.  Attempt to instantly see a blessing in another’s views and actions. For example, if you see graffiti, instead of being upset, instantly choose to see it as someone’s expression of art.   


  • Put The Windshield Wipers On to Clear the Worry!  My angels tell me constantly that my life is in perfection. I have exactly what I need for my soul growth. The sooner I embrace the lessons, the quicker they resolve. To focus with worry is actually praying for negative results in the future.  Use those windshield wipers when the worry raindrops appear! Clear your life view on the road ahead with words of love and prayers of faith.


  • Live Your Joy:  Make strong choices towards those things that energize and inspire you. There is strong manifesting alchemy when decisions are made from deep desires. Recently I had the honor of helping two women from Uganda during their stay here. One of the women had both hands severed by a jealous family member who also killed her husband in the attack. Luckily a motorcyclist happened by and took her to the hospital.  My friend, Martha Hoffman’s Call to Care Uganda, non-profit helping families in Uganda, met her during a visit to a Ugandan orphanage. Martha also “happened” to meet a nurse upon her return home who was interested in helping to find prosthetics for those in need.  A doctor from NYC agreed to help and a prosthetic company agreed to supply the new prosthetic hands. It was a miracle of such coincidences and it happened so effortlessly! Soon this woman will be heading home to Uganda, capable of greater self sufficiency.


  • Use Your Sleep Time:  Prior to sleep, envision the situation as if it has already been healed or manifested. In sleep there are no barriers of ego or time. You can rapidly move into a solution. Imagine the highest souls of all concerned meeting around a conference table to come up with a better plan or resolution.  When you awake, you will feel refreshed and confident that a resolution has speeded up.


If you have difficulty in believing, you probably need to increase “miracles” in your life!  Begin to experiment with these suggestions or with ones of your own! Source energy is a generous and loving energy whose very nature desires to bestow all of your deepest desires.


Develop your own ways to “Activate your Beliefs!” What works to give you faith and hope? Visit my website and read other stories about people who “chose to believe.” Power up your Believing DNA and share your success stories with me!


Sharon Massoth is a psychotherapist, intuitive coach and spiritual teacher living in CT with workshops in Hartford and Madison.  For almost thirty years she has provided life coaching with the help of clairaudient and clairvoyant messages from the spiritual world. These intuitive messages zero in on the core issues of what is creating health, relationship, career and other challenges.  For more information about her classes and sessions visit  www.sharonmassoth.com  203 245 0084, or email Sharon at massoth@comcast.net.

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