Beliefs Create Miracles

August 8, 2012

As we near 2012, remember that we are moving towards a more positive earth where momentum is gaining to turn the minds and hearts of others to the God light. It is so important that we BE Positive.  Positive actions do create miracles on this earth.  The world is shifting to more soul-filled people who want to live in harmony and peace.

So when you hear of the many heart-wrenching events all over the world including our own multiple murders at the Batman movie and the Sikh Temple remember to use your positive beliefs. The belief I have been focusing on this past week in response to such events is: “We are all sons and daughters of the Universe.  We are all one.”

When we separate from our God light, we dwell in fear and extreme fear leads us to be suceptible to the mindset that others are our enemies.  In this group mentality similar to that stirred up in Hitler’s regime, we think of solutions to this fear.   These solutions are aimed at others as the enemy and can be stimulated even more in hate groups on the internet.

We can counteract this fear by staying in our own openness to being one with those people who inflict such wounds on others.  They are a part of us. They are our brothers and sisters no matter how much their fear has led them down a path of hatred and murder.

I personally wrap the perpetrator and all others on earth like him/her in a blanket of light. I picture them as innocent as when they were an infant and wrap them in unconditional love.  I feel that somehow, my energy goes out to minister to them and creates a calmness for that moment in their souls.  Perhaps that day, my sending them love also sends them an  experience which causes them to question their views even a tiny bit…

I try to move from being overwhelmed and angry at the event I hear about to becoming an EMT (something I secretly always wanted to be!). I go into action, trying to send love “oxygen” and “transfusions” to everyone I think needs it, both victims and perpetrators.  I do not stay in a state of shock long because I am needed!  And so are you!  Your prayers and actions are needed more than you could ever imagine!

If you ask your angels and guides they will help you to hold the truth on this earth:  The beliefs to hold: We are all one. We are all loved equally by the Creator. There is nothing we could ever do to put us outside of God’s love. There is only fear or love. We will not be whole and complete until every soul on this earth is freed from hate and enters into a path of love…for self and for all others. We need to do our part to be in the truth of who we are, love.

My older sister just called to tell me of a lovely ecumenical church service held in Milwaukee where they all prayed for those traumatized in the Sikh killing. It was a symbol of solidarity with the Sikhs and all God’s children including the man who acted in this murderous way.

So join with me in being an EMT (Enlightened Mercy Tool or Energy Medicine Technician) when you hear or think of any kind of negative situation. Ask the angels to see you as a tool to ground the light on this earth and ask for a shaft of light to enter through you and spread to all others.  Actions from these positive beliefs do create miracles.  You are so loved!

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