Develop a Method for Your Intuition

October 24, 2013

All successful leaders, perhaps even unwittingly, have developed their own methods for accessing their intuition.  Thomas Edison is reported to have sat in a chair holding a ball in each hand while thinking of a problem for which he needed a solution. He would then proceed to daydream. When he was about to fall asleep, the balls would drop to the floor, causing him to come abruptly alert. He would immediately write down any ideas or dreams he was having. His inventive ideas and solutions were accessed in these moments.

Edison knew that intuition is found in the fearless present moment with no past or future to corrupt it, therefore creativity has no limits. Leaders such as Edison would employ their logical mind to evaluate whether they could put this new idea into action. Intuition and the logical mind truly make a great team.

The beauty of your intuition is that it is like a good partner: It won’t send mixed messages or ask you to go against your inner truth! You are permitted to review your intuitive hunch over and over without getting impatient! It doesn’t engage you in wishful thinking or unrealistic dreams. It just feels right!

Which of these Intuitive “Yellow or Red Light” Methods Works for You?

•              Your emotions flatten when you hear a bad idea. The idea goes “thunk” instead of ping”!

•              You pay attention to those repeated thoughts you keep getting.

•              Everything “should” be ok with the plan but something in one of your five senses says no: Somehow it doesn’t smell, feel, hear or look okay.

•              You feel yourself avoiding moving forward on something, literally dragging your feet.

•              You get a gut reaction, perhaps an awful feeling in the pit of your stomach, goose bumps, a shiver, a chilled feeling up your spine whenever you think about it.

•              You feel anxious or motivated to move on something quickly and you are not sure why.

Which of These “Green Light” Intuitive Methods work for you?

•              You get an “aha” or an instant hit of a solution to a problem when you are doing something mindless like going for a walk or taking a shower.

•              You notice synchronistic events happening around you to support your new idea.

•              You get the idea to call or walk over and talk to someone.

•              You get a warm positive feeling inside when you think of an idea.

•              You feel that you need to act on an idea even though you may not have all the reasons for doing so.

•              The thought that crosses your mind appears like it came “other worldly” or “out of the blue”.

William Butler Yeats was quoted as saying, “People who lean on logic and philosophy and rational exposition error by starving the best part of the mind.” To reinforce the full utilization of the best part of your mind, allow space for   that inner-wisdom to emerge.  Identify and have fun using the methods that work best for you!


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