You are Meant to Feel Alive!

November 4, 2015

Message from the Angels: November 2015

Every season is alive with change. Truly nature reflects your own life journey. You are meant to feel ALIVE and change is part of that aliveness!

There are times when you intuitively feel the rightness of staying planted and reaping the ongoing harvest from your investment of time and energy. There are other times when the harvest is complete in your current job or relationship. You are meant to change it or completely move on to a new endeavor.

A tree knows just when to slow the nutrient supply to their leaves allowing for their change of color and most importantly their release. It knows that if the leaf were to stay, the weight of the snow or ice on it could pull limbs off and damage the tree, sometimes irreparably.

Isn’t it so sad that many of you resist change out of fear? You stay in relationships or jobs way past the usefulness of them for your growth.

Sometimes you even damage yourself by lowered immune systems from staying too long in unhappiness. Sometimes you have even chosen to come home to our world of spirit rather than leave a negative situation out of your fear of change. Sometimes you stay to please others instead of your own self.

In relationships, there are many lessons that your soul has contracted to learn. Self-honesty helps you to know the direction forward at any point in time. Your soul may call you to continue to polish the gems you gathered from the situation. With a willing partner, you may have new and expanded creation.

Other times, your soul has learned the lessons of self-love it has contracted for with the other. Your soul knows that new creation with this soul is not possible on the level of your need. Your soul yearns to accept this soul as perfect just as they are and yet honor your own needs. That is a perfect energy in which to release both of you to a new creation.

The key to staying in a situation is the degree of aliveness you feel in it. You are meant to feel this aliveness in everything that you do. You will always have need for new and different creations all along your life.

Continually evaluate: Are you truly passionate about your work? About your relationships? What do you need to change? Have you gleaned all the gems from the experience? Is it time to reinvest or time to leave?

We your angels and all your heavenly helpers help you with allowing truth. We help to calm your fears. We may encourage you to connect to the true source of infinite love through beautiful music, retreats or meditation. In this oneness with unconditional love, it is easier to allow your truth.

Ask us to help you see it, hear and feel truth in as many ways that your human self needs in order to have courage to make a decision.

If it is time for change, think of yourself as that leaf dropping onto a beautiful stream. You will be carried to the next right situation for your learning, growth and self expression. The Universe is your supply and all your needs are known for your next beautiful creation.

Your Angels.

Sharon’s Message

This message touched my heart because I too have had my fair share of fear of change. I remember a time 35 years ago when someone suggested that I was not happy in my relationship. I got in touch with my intense fear of being alone. I remember saying to my friend, “I would rather die than leave.”

My Angels lovingly pointed out that I still had healing of my abandonment issues from my mother dying when I was a teenager. From embarking on this healing, I eventually gathered the courage to leave this relationship. I have kept contact with this person over the years and have been so grateful that I went forward to a better match for me.

“Until Truth Do Us Part” has become my mantra for all life. In the 40 years of being a psychotherapist and 33 years as an Intuitive Coach, I have seen so many people miss out on truly being alive and happy.

I learned so much from a woman I coached who had breast cancer. To her credit, she tried every medical and holistic approach she could including extreme nutrition programs, healing energy and even being a participant in a movie using a popular self-help technique.

Like many people in fear, she rightfully focused on the physical healing for her body. Yet, she felt trapped in a marriage where she already knew would never be able to provide her with an emotionally and spiritually fulfilling life. She stated that her whole heart and chest area had felt numb from loneliness for years before she even had a diagnosis of breast cancer.

In a retreat, I channeled her angels who strongly suggested that she separate from him as a start even providing an idea that she stay in an available relative’s cottage. She could continue to co-parent and take her time in future decisions with the marriage. Our angels and our own higher selves always know what progressive steps we can manage.

As an intuitive coach, I have learned to honor such direct guidance. When I surrender to the truth that best serves each person, I receive only loving truthful messages that are needed at the time. I have grown to trust that.

This beautiful soul passed to Spirit that year. I asked the angels “why?” because I had never seen anyone try so hard to live. They said, “During the last phase of her life, she would come to our world during sleep. She would see that she was never going to be able to leave him due to having to be the “good girl”.

Because she was never going to be happy, she did the brilliant act of choosing to call herself home so that she could heal and learn to live a life of self-love. She needs your prayers now as she is judging herself for her lack of strength in doing so. With our help, she is working on her acceptance of herself. Your prayers help.”

I do believe that we direct our own lives from a deeper Soul level. I know that this soul was very conflicted. With the angels help I now can view her choice as being a perfect solution for her at this time. We have infinity to learn to love ourselves.

We do the best we can at each point in time…and as we believe in our right to a truly happy life and a path being provided to it, we get even better in using our free will to choose!

Our glow of happiness is the best gift you can give the world.

May you believe in your right to feel aliveness. May you invest in your current life to make it more vibrant with life. And if in your truth, you feel you need to release to a new life, remember that Spirit is lovingly carrying you forward in the stream of life.

All my love and belief,

Sharon Massoth, The Believe Coach
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