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Strengthen Your Vibe through High Self-Love
Your soul has listened closely to your desires and has already created a new life for you. Then what is holding it up? In this TeleClass you will learn three high self-love techniques that will give you the pulling power to land that new life on your lap now. Sharon shares examples of those she has intuitively coached and channels a special message to the audience for that evening!

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“Believe” On Gather Central’s Morning Cup Show With Kari Henley
Sharon’s main message she lives and teaches as a therapist, coach and intuitive is: “You are meant to create ‘heaven on earth’ and live a life of joy. Your desires attract what you need. It is as if the whole world is conspiring to promote your success.”

Sharon’s topic for this Morning Cup Chat is to: “Return to the Belief that I have a plan for my soul’s growth.” Sharon often teaches her clients that we all have two specific areas to work on during our lifetime: healing ourselves from wounds and expressing ourselves via our talents. Many things happen in life to reveal that journey in unexpected ways.

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Native Wisdom Radio Show w/Andie Hight
Andie Hight’s first guest was Sharon Massoth, a psychotherapist of 35 years, a certified professional coach and a gifted intuitive. In her Intuitive View Coaching business, Sharon provides sessions for clients all across the U.S. — often working “behind the scenes” with corporate leaders to give them that “intuitive secret recipe” for personal and business success. She is highly skilled in giving insight regarding relationship questions, life threatening illnesses and life purpose. She helps clients find answers to the “What am I here for?” and “Why is this happening to me?” questions with insight, compassion and sometimes levity. Sharon says,“We are all intuitive and we all have helper guides I often call our ‘angel team’. Their sole mission is supporting our life purpose and helping us to come into wholeness.”

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