Coaching Services

Individual Intuitive Coaching : Private In Person or Phone Coaching: Sessions focus on creating a life with meaning. A typical format is a series of 3 one hour sessions providing intuitive guidance, confidence building and forward movement.

Power Intuitive Coaching: After 3 sessions of receiving initial intuitive coaching, Power coaching sessions of ½ to ¾ hr. are a perfect way to boost your intuitive circuits, receive inspiration and feedback on your actions and interactions with others.

Relationship Coaching: Using extensive relationship therapy experience (IMAGO) along with an intuitive understanding of each soul’s purpose, I help your relationship to soar to new heights of love. Learning to both give and receive love can be a marvelous expansive experience. You will feel hopeful and inspired with new tools and insights.

Transition Coaching: During times of unexpected or even welcome change, people need hope, insight and inspiration in order to keep moving forward in a positive way. Divorce, loss of a loved one, change of jobs or location all will benefit from the intuitive insights and understandings that will bring inner healing and strength.

NonProfit Organizations/Corporate Coaching: A mentor “behind the scenes” to assist you in confidence building, career direction and how to intuitively handle workplace issues. A typical format is series of 3 weekly one hour sessions followed by “as needed” Power Sessions of ½ hr, ¾ or 1 hr. sessions. Cost: Negotiated dependent on size/time.