Sharon’s intuitive coaching helped me to believe in my life purpose and take action steps to start my own practice.  She has inspired me to believe in my worth and have deep compassion for my humanness. As “The Believe Coach”, she definitely taught me how to release chronic negative thinking and believe my way into a new life!  Her Intuitive Development Classes have super-charged my own guidance.
Linda P. , West Hartford, CT
Sharon’s words have lit the way for me through a number of cloudy professional and personal issues. She respectfully conveys the wisdom of guides, which always resonates deeply with my own knowing. New energies for taking action then surface in me in the most loving, light-hearted and appropriate ways. I’m deeply grateful to Sharon for her work, and highly recommend her.
M. M., United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
Sharon Massoth was among the most popular workshop presenters at Wainwright House, the oldest holistic education center in the United States. Her presentations were enthusiastic, inspirational and very effective in bringing about positive change among the participants. Most impressive is Sharon’s great skill in teaching groups to utilize Intuition in the decision making process. Sharon brings 30 years experience as a psychotherapist and coach to her teaching. She listens closely to participants and is masterful in opening the door for them to move beyond blocks and experience success. In my experience, finding highly qualified, well credentialed facilitators in the area of Intuition is rare–Sharon’s true expertise was an enormous asset for our organization. Her programs also consistently generated significant positive feedback from participants, sometimes many months after the program–clear evidence of her extraordinary effectiveness.
Lisa Duff former Program Director and Senior Director (1996 – 2000)
Wainwright House, Rye, NY
Sharon Massoth has been very helpful as my business coach by showing me ways to handle challenging situations such as ING’s planning major events in a more positive way. The absolute most wonderful aspect of Sharon’s coaching is that she assists me in approaching the situations more objectively, seeing the bigger picture and the synchronistic way everything works when you work from personal values. Viewing this bigger picture assists me in taking my emotional reactions out of the situation and obtaining the best possible results.
J. G., ING
Sharon Massoth is an excellent personal and business coach. Her caring, focused manner combined with her outstanding intuitive abilities has assisted me in handling critical financial situations for my own clientele. My own communication and intuitive skills have improved. I give her credit for helping me to see the importance of positive thinking and its effect upon my emotions and behavior. She inspires me to have faith in the most challenging of situations. Her workshop at the Wainwright House which I attended was inspirational. Her intuitive abilities were outstanding as she fielded questions from her audience.
J. B., Sotheby’s, Greenwich, CT.
Sharon Massoth has a great ability to help people to focus on their abilities within a group to contribute to the mission of a workplace. She assists the group members in developing their own unique style as well as a cooperative versus competitive environment. Her style of presenting is very supportive and allows for a climate where people are comfortable to share. She draws out all your assessment skills and strengthens your inner knowing. Most importantly, she presents from her heart. Her enthusiasm is contagious!
M. L. , Grants Coordinator
Wisdom House Person of The Year Award