Matters of the Heart – Wallflower

February 16, 2010

Dear Dr. Sharon,
I find myself feeling envious when I see other people having lots of invitations for lunch or weekend gatherings and somehow I am passed over. What is their secret?” Lately, I seem to repel people away from me and end up feeling even more needy for approval and recognition than when I started the week. Wallflower Wendy

Dear Wendy,

Intuitively, I feel that you are an extremely loving person who just got off track. You just need a little tweaking! You have a lot of love to give another person and I am so glad to remind you to start with yourself.

It doesn’t seem fair, but the needier we are the more we repel others. It is a very simple solution. Shift your need for other people’s attention to self nurturing.. The more we feel needy and try to force something to happen we usually set up a resistance field. Your magnetizing energy has temporarily flipped to REPEL mode. Other people’s intuitive systems have picked up your “over” neediness and the healthy ones are choosing not to respond.

To jumpstart the self nurturing, think about how you encourage a child.. Nurturing remarks throughout the day such as how kind, intelligent, special, beautiful handsome or talented you are is exactly the diet to feed yourself. You are just temporarily dried up. Also I don’t feel you are expressing yourself in enough creative ways. You have a great way of being a hostess with the mostest. How about volunteering at a one time event as a greeter or handing out tickets? A sister of a friend recently did that at the Golden Globe awards! Whenever I am feeling low, I often realized that I have stopped doing my intuitive groups or speaking engagements which fuel me.

A blunt but good question to ask ourselves is, ” Well, why in the world would someone invite me to a gathering? When you have a great relationship with yourself and a way to feel sourced inside and out, you don’t have to lift a finger to get invitations. People who organize events always think of the fun loving spirits that will keep the mood upbeat. They would almost pay you for to attend!

Believe in yourself, You are a gift like no other.

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