Courage to Speak Out

March 18, 2014

Everyone of us is asked at some time to step into the role of a leader.
It might be to help someone we see is being hit by their boyfriend right in front
of you. (This has happened to me 3xs and I have had to intervene in all three!)
Other times it is simply an opportunity to serve by providing an insight
about a situation.

I work with many types of issues in my practice…some of these are people
who are wanting to heal from cancer or other illnesses.
Sometimes I see that the illness has awakened some truth inside of
them…perhaps the truth about a toxic situation in their
life that needs addressing.

Other times I see that their soul is wanting to awaken to their spiritual
self…their infinite divine self that is held forever in unconditional
love. We often close down on our childhood religion and idea of God
because that God was portrayed as outside of us, as a powerful father-
figure. Inevitably, we feel let down by some of the hardships we
experienced and therefore close down on “God”.

An illness thus awakens us to our true power to heal ourselves because
we are that God material…we are love. Love is the greatest healing
power of all. It causes the planets to rotate and our body to breathe,
heart to beat and blood to flow. When we release shame and stand
human yet perfect in God’s eyes, we quicken our healing.

Fear must not keeps us from speaking in a loving way to those who need
help, Through our own understanding we may help them find find a key
that unlocks a path to recovery and happiness.

Where have you been afraid to speak up? You are needed as an earth
angel ad help bring new ideas or a new way of looking at an issue
with no judgment and only kindness. We must not have an agenda (I
know it is so hard!) when we are working with those we love.

Asking a friend whether it would be okay to give an insight is always
good. Giving others permission to not agree or get angry and/or laugh at you is
also good. Not belaboring a point is good. Not being attached to an
outcome can save your energy. That person may not ever agree….or it may
be years later. Or it may be when the pass over to the other side
and their soul sees the truth in what you said…and sees how much you
loved and cared for them.

We are here for such a short time. Let’s have the courage to ask our
higher self whether this is the right time and use of our knowledge
to speak up…and then let us be courageous and do it!

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