Listen and Act on Your Heart’s Song

August 14, 2014

From Your Believe Coach:

I love to help people identify what makes them feel excited and inspired.
Truly, when we are so engaged in something which delights us, we find that we lose all track of time. We forget our worries for that moment.

It is a sure sign that we are connected to our soul’s purpose in some way.

When we take even one small step forward in the pursuit of our happiness, the heaven’s rejoice! When we consistently take small steps forward, our heavenly helpers, our very soul is ecstatic!

If you are having difficulty in finding time to pursue something that inspires and excites you, ask your angels and guides for help! They will send you messages to take a course or write that book or just go have fun. It is great to ask their help because they love to encourage you to listen
to your heart’s song, that inner voice from you Soul.

Only you can create like you do.

Today I received a program brochure from the local city museum. A class I had always wanted to take jumped out at me. Before the close of the day, I am going to go online and claim a spot in the silk scarf painting class!

I love to have balance in my life with exercise, holding new groups, going on trips and developing my artistic skills.

Signing up for something ahead of time says to the Universe that you believe in your worth and your birthright, even self-responsibility to pursue happiness and enjoyment!

And my final “Believe it”: The Universe flows with even more of your heart’s desires right into your lap!

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