Believing is Receiving

January 14, 2015

I truly feel that what we believe opens the flow to our receiving what we
want in our career, relationships, health and fun adventures!
What we believe results in our being able to take risks or not. To be successful
we need to take risks consistently because risk-taking pays off.
All actions may not result in actual success but they can result in valuable feedback which informs
our next steps.

Will Rogers said…
“The problem isn’t so much what people don’t know, the
problem is what people think they know that just ain’t so.”

Do you need to double-check your beliefs that “just ain’t so?”

Here are some of the beliefs that I had that I realized “just ain’t so.”

Negative Belief: Alcoholics for the most part don’t recover.

Origen of belief: My father and some of his siblings were not successful in his alcohol recovery and ended up compromised in their adult lives.
The truth is: Alcoholics recover all the time in greater and greater numbers. There are more body, mind and spirit “sciences” behind their recoveries. There was a time that I would not accept any clients who struggled with alcoholism. Now I accept those clients but only if they have the appropriate “recovery team” such as AA which will address the alcoholic personality.

Negative belief: I have to know everything, especially all the latest research on a subject before I can get in front of an audience and speak.

Origen of Belief: My perfectionist streak is a mixed blessing. It supports my thoroughness but it can prevent me from finishing a book or offering a workshop on a subject until it is just, well, “perfect”!

How do we change these limiting beliefs and move into a more open creative space?

1. Decide if you want to keep a negative belief. They usually sound like a pessimistic parent who is trying to protect you: “Oh, you can’t trust ____________.” Or, “When something good happens, something bad is waiting around the corner.” “Once an addict, always an addict.” These beliefs feel heavy in emotional weight. They feel uninspiring and cause you to stay away from certain people or situations, to hold back, to stay small.
2. Ask your Higher Self to help you to open your heart to all possibilities. You create with your thoughts and can chose to create an entirely different scenario for yourself. “I chose to believe that I can relax when good things happen and know that if some challenge arises, I can handle it without losing the good happening in my life.” “Challenges can help me to strengthen myself. There is a lesson to learn in this.”
3. Choose to forgive those people who instilled them. Only recently has positive psychological research shown the damage that negative fearful thoughts have on individuals and organizations. Your parents didn’t know these things! Feel blessed that you are consciously trying to establish a new reality. If you had not experienced the negative, you would never crave the optimistic approach.
3. Rewrite your negative beliefs. You can have fun doing this! “I believe that my body is capable of healing everything wrong with it.” “I am open to miracles in my life for they happen every day.” “I know my Creator supports the career desires that I have in my heart.” “I will get this new job or one that even better suits my needs.”

Do a thorough sweep of your beliefs and see how much lighter you feel! You have all the ability with your mind and emotions to chose the best beliefs full of attracting power for you.So have fun getting rid of those negative beliefs that are “just ain’t so!” Make a note of those new events, people and even things that come into your life. You have lifted the roadblock. You have cleared the debris from the stream to start flowing again. Believing IS receiving!

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