We are One: Judgment vs. Discernment

August 18, 2015

I often feel challenged when I hear certain political candidates speak on issues of race, immigration, gender issues, homosexuals and women’s rights. I find it helpful to practice a form of mindfulness observing my own thoughts and feelings: “That is a judging thought.” “At this moment, I am feeling hopelessness.” Being mindful helps me to stay balanced and even open-hearted.

I know that we span the gamut from young souls to old souls. We believe according to our life experiences. We change as we gain new experiences and see new viewpoints. We only hurt ourselves when we judge others. If I judge them, I judge myself.

I think Jesus taught us this in wonderful ways. First, The Golden Rule couldn’t say it more clearly”  “Love your neighbor as yourself.” or “What you do for the least of my brethren, you do for me.”

My Aunt Sister Mary Carmel, a nun for 75 years, was the least judgmental of all: She experienced quite a bit of shenanigans with my six siblings and myself. She simply held a sense of deep acceptance and love. In her presence, we found ourselves taking the higher ground and making better choices without her saying a word most times!

So, next time you have your reaction to some political candidate, take a deep breath. Reach out to tell someone that even though you may not have the same politics, we truly all want the same thing for ourselves and others: Peace, protection, abundant health and income and most of all a life filled with a depth of spiritual goodness and love.

Breathe into the dream we all have.  Breathe into acceptance. Breathe into love.



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