Gratitude Blessing from Your Angels

November 25, 2015

Dear Earth Angels,

As you soon gather for the celebration of Thanksgiving we want to thank you for choosing the path of love over fear. On your earth many are in fear and choose divisiveness and blame. Your choice to find a way back to a state of love is vitally important for peace on your planet.

We often speak to you of being “self-kind” and “self-compassionate”. When you do so, you fill your own hearts from the deepest well of your spirit self. When you give to others from the overflow of this resplendent love, it is of the purest quality.

The soul of Mother Earth herself thanks you for finding a portal back to love when you see fear arise. One portal is the belief that love is always more powerful and will ultimately triumph.

The law of vibration holds that love mightily draws abundance to you. It is so very simple and yet so profound.

Loving you and Always with you,
Your Angels

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