February 2016 Angel Message

January 27, 2016

Dear Earth Angels,

Below is a message from the Angels who responded to a question about worry.  If we were to take the time to list our worries you would see how universal they are. As a young empath, I could pick up the worries of everyone around me.  I would often try to cheer people up or offer to help in some way.
As an adult, I became interested in what would help make the shift to another better feeling state.  I became very attracted to Abraham Hicks teachings and “Finding another better feeling thought.”  I began to observe the beliefs that could shift a person to a higher state of hope and optimism.

When I hear concerns expressed through fear and judgment,  my body recoils. When I hear the same fears expressed through honesty, vulnerability and a desire for loving problem-solving, I relax and open to solutions.

I try to remember this when I approach my children from love instead of worry.  In this state, I tend to ask questions and their solutions.  I empower them.  I share of my own dilemmas. I teach them that their feelings are acceptable and fear dissipates when it is embraced. Our innocence, our true humanness is present.

I have had many clients in my psychotherapy practice who have had difficulty in coming up with positive childhood experiences without a bitter-sweetness present. “My mother bought me a dress for my prom…but never could give me a compliment.” “I had a speech therapist who helped me one time at school. I realized that she really cared about me and I never knew what that felt like before.”

When I hear these sad stories I also see a most beautiful soul in front of me.  They have had to develop and bring an extraordinary creative love to themselves. They have often opened to the pure safe innocent love that comes from animals and the plant world.

Their ability to find extraordinary love and acceptance for themselves truly is a gift that blesses the entire world. Their soul must have known their journey with all its obstacles was going to result in a new form of love.

Enjoy the prayer below.  May it help you to process through worry and move into a state of love and grace.

Blessings of All Believing,

Dear Beautiful Souls,

We constantly uplift you with our unconditional love.
When you feel discouraged, ask for help from the higher realm of your soul and heavenly helpers.

A Prayer to Help you During Times of Worry: 

With angel help, I allow and explore my feelings with kindness.
In my kind arms, I embrace all of myself.
I allow my worries to be released for healing and solutions.
My angels take my cares to realms of absolute manifestation.

I chose to return to the love that I am.
I love all that arises within me and in my life,
I  allow my soul’s understanding of lessons mastered.
I open to loving solutions in perfect timing.

I come from Love and as an innocent child,
I am the Source of my own healing.

This situation is embraced as only I can embrace it.
This situation is loved as only I can love it.
Perfect solutions flow to me on this pathway of love and light. 

Your Angels

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