January 2016 Angel Message:

January 27, 2016

Dear Earth Angels,

As you enter this new year of 2016, we remind you of the blessings gained by the practice of intention.  Our wish for you is to align with the very qualities of your Soul: Love, peace, creativity and joy!  You deserve no less!

There are few who did not find 2015 a “learning experience” in many regards. Some of you were even called to move physically and some later found that the move was not what you wished it to be. Yet, the move gave you a clarity that you had not had before. You may have found yourself moving back to your original or similar abode!

There was a great call to action to come to truth and healing in your own life as you prepared to step over the threshold into 2016.Many of you were called to reevaluate your relationships. You asked yourself whether you were staying in a relationship out of your fear of being alone, feeling responsible for another’s happiness or because you truly loved the person. So many of you took steps to live the truth you found within your heart!

For others, you found yourself being called to look within at your own reactions to situations and own the core issue needing healing.  By doing so, you achieved a deeper unconditional acceptance of yourself and found a true freedom. You found that healing the past led to greater inner peace and a more vibrant present.

We say this often to you:  You are not alone.  We are always here to help you. You came to this earth to heal into wholeness. In 2016, claim the learning from 2015. Ask for our help help as you visualize how you want to see your life in the way of absolute creativity, deeper friendships, more joy and adventure.  We honor you for wanting the very best out of this Earth School and place our angel blessings upon your intentions!

Your Angels who love you tenderly and forever!

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