April Angel Message

April 6, 2016

April Angel Message

Dear Beautiful Souls,

You came to this earth with dreams in your heart!

We, your angels, know every single one of those dreams…
Seeds that will grow delightful little flowers and ones that will grow huge trees.

…the mate that you wish to meet and the kinds of adventures you want to have!
…the job that gives you room for creativity and more vibrant health.

You are now seeing signs of Springtime all around, ask us for SIGNS as well.

Ask for signs SO BIG that you will not miss them.

Your dreams need your energetic intention. Listen to your intuition,take risks and embrace yourself compassionately all along the path.

Imagine walking down a beautiful sunny lane.  At every confusing fork in the road, the fairies have placed a sign to direct you in the safest, most scenic and shortest route. That is how simple it can be!

We love to help you more than you know!
Your Angel team
and fairies too! (We love Springtime!)

Message from Sharon, The Believe Coach:
Dear Earth Angels,

I loved the angel’s message because I have learned that it is so much easier to BELIEVE and act on your dreams when you have reassuring signs. Our angels and guides know that positive beliefs are 100,000 times more powerful than negative ones. They know that many times we have naysayers around us.

When I was seven years divorced, from the depths of my inner knowing, I would say to my friends, “I’m going to meet my mate soon!”  I saw my friends look at each other as if to say, “Well, we know she WANTS that, and we HOPE it will be true, but the kind of man she describes is hard to find!”

What most of them didn’t know was that I was working my BELIEF formula:

B  Believe in the dreams unique to you, yours to know and fulfill.
E  Entitled: As a child of the Creator you are deserving of your dreams.
L  Love yourself and others: Aligns you beneath the open portal of abundance.
I   Intuition Use it to know the right timing and right action.
E  Energize by action steps, writing and even play acting!
F  Faith: The Universe blesses what is yours to receive. It can’t pass you!

As part of my LOVE I felt strongly led to help a beautiful soul, a Ugandan minister who was helping Call to Care Uganda build wells and a school in a desperately poor area of Uganda. He himself needed a home for himself and family members some with AIDS.

I felt If I gave him added security, he could help so many more.  Despite the fact that homes in Uganda are 1/100 what they are here, my financial adviser kindly told me it wasn’t “in my budget”. Sometimes you have to listen to your own intuition. My angels later told me, “When you gave him a home, you also vibrationally gave yourself a home!” It was just a few months after this donation that I met my husband on an airplane to Nashville.

May you believe and act on your dreams this springtime! They are  important to the world’s happiness.  My next Angel Gathering will be on this topic!

All my love,

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