March Angel Message

April 6, 2016

Dear Beautiful Souls,

Many of you are finding yourselves delighting at signs of Spring such as little white snowdrops or daffodils pushing through the earth.  You also are looking for signs that those dreams you hold in your heart will now emerge as well.

Some of you have been dismayed at setbacks.  Perhaps you were close to financial solvency and then a big expense happened.  Perhaps you felt it was time to meet your mate only to find that a family member became ill and all your time is focused upon helping them get well.  Perhaps your health is having challenges and your recovery slower than what you want.

These are the times when we whisper in your ear that you are not alone and that we walk with you on your journey. We can help you to understand the learning and healing that is occurring in this moment in time.  When you simply breathe and embrace your humanness in this moment, your compassion and gentleness toward yourself allows heavenly love to flow more easily to you and your situation.

You may find yourself having a deeper understanding about the grace present in your situation.  You may feel deeper compassion for yourself than you have ever imagined or for others in similar situations.  The path of your soul is true expansion in love, faith and creativity. You may come to understand about a better career path for yourself.  You may find that from this situation, you need to put yourself first and establish healthy boundaries with others trusting that they have their answers within.  These are areas of growth that your soul longs for.

When you look for the valuable gifts from your challenge you show the Universe that you chose to remain open despite the circumstances. Like a sunflower, you turn to the sunlight as if to say, “I am choosing to remain in the light of love this moment. My love comes from my connection to Source. It is not dependent upon all conditions being perfect.”

When you are needing reassurance about your dreams, be assertive!  You have a right to ask for “signs”! We may give them to you in playful ways!  The daffodils do not emerge instantly with full bloom. They push up into the sunlight inch by tiny inch.  We will draw attention to where your dreams are emerging to receive the sun and any next steps to take.

When you handle your life situation with the intent of being and returning to love as your path, you signal to the Universe that you are ready for your dreams to blossom forth.

We love you always,
We bless your blossoming dreams,
Your Angels

Message from Sharon:

Happy Spring! I truly have delighted in the signs all around and certainly relate to the message of this month.  When I have challenges within my family (and I have a big extended one!) I choose to ask, “What is mine to handle or help with?” I then take time to see that as souls they would not have come to this earth ill-equipped. They have a soul mission of healing within and outer expression that is theirs to fulfill. As such, they have their own answers within. I may be there to prime the pump, however my worry does not help me nor them. Sometimes the best thing for me is to simply listen and affirm their strengths.

I truly know that my lessons this life are on self-care and that I chose to learn many lessons on good boundaries. Have I placed others responsibilities back on them with love, kindness and trust in their abilities? As I show that I am increasing my self-love and care, my world is blossoming!

I have many new groups for the purpose of bringing angel messages for those who want to also blossom forth!  The women feel tremendously blessed and loved at the specificity of the messages and level of love and support.

If you feel called to hold a group for your friends, please know that the angels will bless and love you for taking that action. I hold a group in my home retreat once a month (See Below) to which you are also invited.

Believing in you!
Sharon Massoth, The Believe Coach

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