May Angel Message

April 29, 2016

May Angel Message

Dear Beautiful Souls,

We are here to tell you to dream, dream big. Listen to everything that comes into your hearts and minds. Focus on the what and why. The Universe is responsible for the How, When and the Where.  

Dreams do not “go away”. They will keep reappearing because you cannot repress your heart speaking Truth about your next steps.  Many of you are longing for more ways to live a deeper Spiritual Life. You want your entire life to be filled with the essence of love in all forms. 

Perhaps you are wanting to have a more nurturing environment at work. Take small steps by bringing a plant or healthy snacks. Walk on your lunchtime with a friend. When the Universe “reads” your vibration of self-love, you align with all possibilities for bringing even a new position or job into your life.  

Your Spirit loves new adventures! It enlivens everything in your life. Make a commitment to fuel yourself by prioritizing new experiences as food for your soul. Seeing the beauty of a new spot in nature aligns you with the flow of abundance in all areas of your life. 

The beauty of this life is your Free Will.  Use it wisely in the thoughts you think and the actions you take. Most importantly remember to find quiet time with your Spiritual Self. There, in those quiet moments of meditation, your align with all possibilities for your life.

We promise you:  The Universe does the rest.  Helping you to fulfill Your Dreams is our purpose!  
Thank you for doing your part to make this a better world!

Love, Your Angels

Mayflowers push up through the ground…just like your spirit always rises to your next dreams….
Message from Sharon, The Believe Coach:

Just like these May Flowers in my yard, new ideas are also springing forth from your Soul. 

It’s safe but deadening to settle. We are responsible for our Dreams, our Soul.expansion. I had a recent client who previously worked for a big financial company in an adjacent state.  
She had to drive by a Hospital cancer center each day and would find herself putting on her gas pedal to speed by.  She did not believe enough in the love and abundance of the Universe to address the horrible unhappiness she had in her job.  
Both her husband and her had come from poverty.  Although they were now “middle-class” their beliefs about not leaving a good paying job were based in their ancestor’s beliefs.  She did have cancer and it was only her illness which gave her permission to leave.  She has recovered and now has a chance to listen to her soul.

We long to take risks in believing and trusting!  My angel team has always been my best cheering section for every little step I take.
Sharon, The Believe Coach

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