June Angel Message

August 26, 2016

June Angel Message:
Dear Beautiful Souls,

Just as the world has come alive around you, you are also meant to yearn for more “aliveness”. It is time to listen more closely to what you truly desire. You can start with the small choices throughout the day: Do I want oatmeal or French toast for breakfast? Do I like the arrangement of this room? Do I like this outfit any longer? What flowers do I want to choose from my garden for my table? We are always helping you to look at your preferences!

It is this “listening” to your heart in smaller ways that boosts your confidence in bigger issues in your life: Am I happy in my relationship? What steps can I take to bring it more aliveness? Am I happy at work? Is it fruitful or dying on the vine? Situations change daily. One day you may be fine with an arrangement and the next you know fully that you are complete with that experience.

When you are “alive” you bring much joy to the world. Committing to action on your truth cast ripple effects upon your world. You create an energy wave that helps others to break free from old restraints. If you ask us, we will turn up the volume so that you will have no doubt as to your inner wishes.

Trust with all your heart that those wishes are blessed from the Highest of Love. All the Heavens support your choice.We love and believe in your right to a life of aliveness.

Your Angels

Message from Sharon:

I grew up at the edge of a small town with 11 acres behind my house. My siblings and I played out fairy tale scenes, complete with costume. Red Riding Hood was a favorite. At the creek, I liked to float little leaf boats downstream and imagined them ending up in China to the delight of some little girl.
Later as I “grew up” and took on responsibilities, I became serious and lost a lot of my playfulness.

The angels constantly tell me to be in nature and play, play, play! Short breaks throughout the day in nature and listening to music buoy up my aliveness! ! (The fairies love both music and playing!)

The angels also put me to the “aliveness truth test” several times a week: I hear them asking, “Does responding to that phone call enliven and inspire you? Are you setting good boundaries on your time and money so you can have your own adventures? Does that choice sing with joy or thunk with heaviness?

Let your aliveness test be your guide for what will serve you!

Blessings of Believing,

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