September Angel Message

August 26, 2016

The Authentic Self is the Soul Made Visible.
Sarah Ban Breathnach
Angel Message

Dear Beautiful Soul,

Why is It so important to embrace your soul’s uniqueness?
True joy can only be felt by following your truth and
expressing your unique views and talents
so that the world truly knows you.
All that is fulfilling arises from your Soul.

When you came to earth,
Your soul had many plans…

To Know Yourself as a much beloved Child of God
and from the realization of this Love…

To Heal your own negative beliefs and self-judgment
creating a beautiful new healed thread in the tapestry of God.

To Express your unique creativity
Applying yourself to new-never-before creations.

To Express your unique Love
From a passion to help those in need, not stopping until the job is finished.

To Accept You are One with all others
So that you do not enter into judgment but compassion for each person
who may see things from fear and limitation.

From our realm, a great light emanates from a person who accepts that they are unconditionally loved by their Creator, who live from their unique passions and who embraces others as souls on their own path of learning.

This LOVE has more strength than any kind of FEAR.

Isn’t it so very sad that people stay in jobs or relationships that are no longer fulfilling?
In truth it is part of the reason for so much dissatisfaction in people’s hearts. They may focus it upon something or someone else but it often comes from not choosing to heal their limiting beliefs or to follow their dreams of what they love.

We encourage you to believe in your unique contribution of SELF. Here you will feel empowered. You will find true inner fulfillment, empowered to contribute to solutions for the world’s needs and feel thankful for your time on earth as only you can live it.

With great Love,
Your Angels

Message from Sharon:

In our book, The Alchemy of Authentic Leadership, my husband, Steven Mundahl and I write about how leadership is an inside job. My husband teaches Leadership to graduate students at a local university. Many of his students say that this was the first time that they were held accountable to look at their own beliefs and unique gift of self as a path to authentic leadership.

So many have given up hope at a life of full expression. We deaden our lives by staying in jobs or relationships that are not fulfilling and then become angry, disillusioned and even sick.

For myself, I am a recovering codependent who helped others to an extreme instead of focusing upon my own gifts. It took many sharp reminders to release this pattern. Once I fainted, cracked my head and stopped breathing after working many long shifts in a drug treatment program in my early years as a social worker. Another time I carelessly left my apartment unlocked after hosting a meeting to save an organization and lived through a break-in. From this and others, I learned that self-care was to be high on my list!.

Once I had a very astute cousin ask me, “What do YOU like to do? What new music and movies? What hobbies? Favorite exercise? Travel places? At the time I had lost myself in caring for both my clients, family and friends. What a great intervention!

My angels taught me that to be “of worth” is to simply “BE”, that I am a child of the Creator like no other.
They also taught me that if I don’t give of my talents and passions, no one else can fill these shoes.

Isn’t it so terribly sad that we have so many with talent unexpressed and passions buried?
Isn’t it so sad that we feel so deadened and so without a sense of empowerment?

I like to see the election process is doing a wonderful job of flushing everything to the surface that needs to be healed. I like to check for whether solutions offered have to do with fear and separation versus love and embrace of all.

I like to think that the best contribution any of us can make is to heal ourselves from our limiting beliefs and to develop our talents as only we can. Look in the mirror and see whether your eyes are sparkling with your fullness of being. And then chose to take action! The world needs you!

My class offering this fall helps to connect one to their soul’s purpose and open to being supported by the beautiful world of angels and guides.

I invite you to write to me and let me know how you plan to enliven your life by investing in your self!!

Blessings of All Believing,

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